LEGOLish is a creative project to promote Lightsheet Microscopy in a simple and visual form to a larger public and for education purposes....

... that is, a cutting edge research technology built into a simple device with Lego blocks.

It's a microscope !

Similar to a lightsheet microscope, LEGOlish includes a laser source (450nm), a sample holder that can rotate and translate, several filters to select the fluorescence range, and a detection system to create images.

What's inside ?

However, the goal was to make it as simple and economic as possible, so that anyone could build its own LEGOlish at home or in the lab.

The laser is a 5 or 10mW diode (450nm), the translation/rotation stage are mode of LEGO bricks and gears with manual wheels, the filters are simply old school color filters from 3D glasses (paper version !) and the detection system is your mobile phone !


The laser forms a plane of light that can illuminate any centimeter-sized samples. Here a biological sample (autofluorescence in green) inside a bottle (laser light in blue).

When the sample is translated, more images are acquired and a 3D volume can be reconstructed

Made by and for the community

Discover in the other pages of this site the plans to build your own LEGOlish.

LEGOLish is a collaborative project from the BIST, Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, driven by three institutes: IRB Barcelona, ICFO and CRG.

Coming very soon: our motorized version with scientific grade imaging capability !