LEGOLish was conceived in 2014 after a minor comment of one of us saying “Lightsheet microscopy is so simple we could make it out of Lego bricks…”

… and we did it!

The first LEGOlish were offered as poster price at the 1st International Lighsheet Fluorescence Microscopy conference, hosted by IRB/CRG/ICFO in Barcelona in Sept. 2014.

The main developers are:

Julien Colombelli – IRB Barcelona (Institute for Research in Biomedicine)

Sébastien Tosi – IRB Barcelona (Institute for Research in Biomedicine)

and Jordi Andilla – ICFO (Institute of Photonic Science)

The following scientists also contributed:

Jim Swoger (former CRG, now EMBL-Barcelona)

Johann Osmond (ICFO), Maria Marsal (fromer IRB, now ICFO), Lídia Bardia (IRB)

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